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Changing the way the industry does business, whilst changing lives.

We are a force for change.

So much more than

just structural steel.

Not everything is as tough as steel.

We are proud to be a force for change for the industry, where innovation, and core values lead the way, whilst also having a positive impact on industry and community.

​When you partner with us, know that your value goes further, having a positive and profound impact on the lives of those who need it most in the industry, and community.​

We are a hands on family owned specialist construction company specialising in structural steel, with a diverse portfolio of work ranging from government projects, education, industrial upgrades, apartments, warehouses, health, facades, architectural feature work, project management, D&C, and engineering.​​

  1. We guarantee the best value, through price, and experience.
  2. You choose your price with us. Tell us your budget, and we'll work with you. We keep things simple.
  3. We have a 6 - 8 week turnaround after final shop drawings are approved, early procurement is our expertise, with a smooth project delivery our priority, and a full in house team of project managers, strategists, drafting and estimation ready to help.

What we do.

1. Plan for success

We work smarter, not harder, for best results, start to finish. Efficiency in service delivery is at the core of what we do for best outcome. With a team of strategic and trade experts, both steel and construction, we deliver high performing strategies to get the job done right, the first time, with in-house project management, estimating and drafting. In fact, we guarantee the best value through experience.

2. Fabricate

Nothing is ever hard with our team of steel fabrication experts, both in-house, and consultative, we only work with the best industry minds for the best result, and that includes steel, construction, engineering, planning and strategy - we turn projects into a dream delivery for all involved, with any size, and any budget.

3. Supply

With local fabrication and highly advanced importing systems, we are the leading import agents for Australian steel and building materials for construction, when volume and efficiency is needed, to result in the best value and delivery for client needs, whether it's for retailers, industry, or builders.

4. Install

We get the job done right, the first time, making the entire installation process a breeze. Early procurement and involvement throughout all stages of planning are our specialty, to ensure an error free experience.

5. Innovate, and grow.

We nurture relationships with our partner organisations to improve productivity and efficiency through innovation, R&D, and engagement, at the same time, changing the lives of individuals throughout the industry as a whole. As we grow, our value improves for our industry partners.



By partnering with us for your steel, not only are you getting the best deal, your project can fund a house for the homeless, a sustainable income for someone living with disability, or a new opportunity for someone facing a really tough time. What makes the construction industry? The people who work within it. A community that continues to evolve over time. We deconstruct the industry and community, so you can see the profound impact we have on both the industry, and the individuals that make it work.

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Business Development
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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